What We Do

Greetings fellow Wahooos! Welcome to Greens to Grounds official blog!

As students here at the University of Virginia, we can’t deny that Charlottesville is downright impossible to beet as far as college towns go. But despite its obvious glory, one caveat is undeniably the limited options for inexpensive and fresh food at the University. Whether you’re a first year roughing the dining halls or an upperclassman in need of a convenient way to buy quality produce, squash your sadness immediately because our non-profit, Greens to Grounds, has the solution for you!
In order to capitalize on Charlottesville’s flourishing agricultural community, we reformed typical Community Supported Agriculture models to create Greens to Grounds, which conveniently provides pick-up and delivery of the best, local and healthy food options from surrounding farms and gardens!
How exactly did we do that? Lettuce tell you!

First, we have partnered with The Local Food Hub, a nonprofit organization that provides more than 150 locations in Central Virginia with access to nutritious food sourced from over 70 small family farms in the region. Due to the Food Hub’s efforts to partner with other non-profits (like Greens to Grounds), public schools, hospitals, institutions, restaurants, retailers, and of course UVa Students, can now easily purchase fresh, local food in large quantities all while increasing the livelihoods of our local farm families! Check out their website for more details:http://localfoodhub.org/

Additionally, Greens to Grounds also sources from community gardens on grounds such as The Hereford Heritage Garden, whom is supplying us with squash and beets for this week’s boxes! Initially the Hereford mini farm and Thomas Jefferson Demonstration Garden, The Hereford Garden is a student-run program that provides fresh produce on grounds and teaches students about sustainability. Here is their website’s link for more details about their garden and connected residential college:http://www.hereford.virginia.edu/minifarm

By bringing many students together to make one collective weekly purchase from The Local Food Hub and The Hereford Heritage Garden, we are able to offer you a larger variety of locally grown produce at a discounted rate. In addition to ordering produce or meat, every week we will offer a unique a la carte item for $5, and we promise they are all eggcelent! Pick up is on Friday from 1-3:00pm on the corner of Mad Bowl behind the Madison House parking lot, or you can have your box delivered to your door after 3:00pm for a small fee! Go to our website, http://greenstogrounds.com/index.html, to see what’s in next week’s box and to place your order!

Keep checking out our weekly blog posts for updates on what Greens to Grounds is doing on grounds and in the C’ville community! Coming soon: tips for living organically, awesome recipes that incorporate ingredients from our boxes, features on local restaurants, and so much more


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