National Farm to School Month

October is officially the National Farm to School Month!
Thanks to the non-profit National Farm to School Network, schools and preschools across the United States will celebrate the local food served in cafeterias, school gardens that grow fresh produce, and agriculture and nutrition education in classrooms all through the month of October.

The NFSN was founded in 2007 to promote the use of local foods in schools, and in 2010, probed Congress to pass House Resolution 1655 which designates October as a time to spread awareness for child nutrition, to support local food economies, and to educate children about the origin of food.
Aside from having national campaign success, the NFSN has involved 40,328 schools in all 50 states including D.C. (44% of U.S. schools), has spent a successful $385 million on their acclaimed movement, and has helped pass subsequent farm to school legislation in 26 states.

To help the NFSN spread the word about the importance of the farm to school effort:
1) Visit the Farm to School Month Page to learn more
2) Use the #F2SMonth hashtag and @FarmtoSchool tag to share their story on social media
3) Donate or become a member of the NFSN to stay informed and to make a personal impact in the movement (If you fill out a membership form anytime this October, you will be entered in a drawing to win $1000 to spend on a farm to school project in your community)


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