The Benefits of Honey

For those of you who eat honey regularly, you probably have no idea how much your favorite sticky substance is secretly benefiting you!
From better health and aesthetics to enhanced cognitive abilities, the following list reveals some of honey’s most impressive abilities, so get ready to bee amazed:


1) Relieves seasonal allergies
Natural honey has flower pollen residue, so eating it regularly exposes your system to small amounts of allergens that combat daily reactions

2) Soothes coughs
Studies have shown that eating a few teaspoons of honey before bed reduces nighttime coughs and improves sleep when sick

3) Cleanses face and pores
Natural honey disinfects, hydrates, removes oils, and unclogs pores on the skin when used as a face wash or mask

4) Helps metabolize alcohol
In other words, eating honey decreases intoxication and mildly reduces alcohol blood levels (But college students never drink anyway, so this benefit is irrelevant)

5) Boosts memory
Research experiments showed that eating honey everyday for a long period of time increased performance on a short-term memory test

6) Treats wounds
Honey can be used as a sterilizing topical ointment on infected wounds and ulcers

7) Great workout fuel
Adding honey to water or eating snacks with honey before, after, or during workouts creates energy boosts because of the all-natural nutrients

8) Resolves scalp problems and dandruff
Consistently working in water-diluted honey to the head and rinsing after three hours noticeable reduces scalp itchiness, flaking, and heals lesions

9) Prevents low white blood cell count
While this theory is still being studied, trials have shown that eating honey everyday during chemotherapy might prevent low white blood cell count

10) Kills antibiotic-resistant bacteria
Some medical grade honey kills E. coli and salmonella, common food-borne illnesses

11) Provides nutrients
Niacin, riboflavin, pantothenic acid, calcium, copper, iron, magnesium, manganese, phosphorus, potassium, and zinc are all present in honey, making it a more nutritious supplement than most sweeteners

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10 Health Benefits of Honey
Honey Face Wash


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