The Easiest and Healthiest “Diet” Ever

Between Homecoming, Halloween, carving pumpkins, puppies, autumn leaves, warm scarves, fuzzy socks, apple cider, pumpkin spice lattes, and candy, October is undoubtedly one of the best times of the year on grounds.
Despite the widespread trend of sourcing organic food from local farms that has taken the nation by storm, October makes it all too easy to abandon your healthy eating habits while pigging out on the delectable treats.

However, as Mark Bittman explains in his New York Times article, “(Only) Two Rules for a Good Diet”, the solution to keeping your diet on track, lightening your carbon footprint, and cleansing your body of all toxins, GMOs, antibiotics, and excess sugar and chemicals, is simpler than you would expect! Instead of unwholesome methods, Bittman emphasizes a couple effortless ways to achieve this ideal lifestyle:


First, cut out junk food from your diet.
Many of the processed foods we can’t help but to indulge in have deceiving labels and a mix of deleterious additives that your body would be better off without.

Second, eat more plants.
They are nutritious and all natural.

Third, cook your own food.
If your living arrangement includes a kitchen, use it everyday. Controlling exactly which ingredients you consume is the best and easiest way to maintain a healthy lifestyle.


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