Greens to Grounds in the Local Community

This past Saturday, Greens to Grounds participated in Kid Vention at the Virginia Discovery Museum.  The event was a great opportunity for the organization to extend our mission to educate the community about how their  purchases affect the environment, the local economy, and their personal health.  The event drew over 1,000 people in the local community to learn from 42 exhibitors.  Nicole Duimstra and Chris Schopper, co heads of the Events team, were able to represent Greens to Grounds while sharing their first hand experience with the local food movement.

12771687_10153552525456701_7693279648389182822_o“Greens to Grounds had a blast at the Kidvention Fair last Saturday! We were able to teach over 1000 kids about the importance of using local produce.  We sent them home with lettuce seedlings that they planted, so they can grow their very own local produce.”


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