Produce Party 2016

As I hope many of you have heard, Greens to Grounds, Spoon University, and Stud Co’s Community Affairs committee are teaming up to put on this year’s Produce Party Sunday, April 24th from 11-3! The Produce Party will make local foods including vegetables, apples, eggs, cheese, baked goods, granola (and more!) accessible all in one place! This year’s Produce Party will be held in the Amphitheater with music by the very talented Caleb Einwetcher.

The produce party provides an opportunity for the UVA and Charlottesville community to gather together and support local food and farming while having a wonderful time. There is even going to be an omelette station if you are not already convinced!


Here are some testimonies from people who attended last years produce party!

“The beautiful, sunny day perfectly matched the celebration of local food and smiling faces of all who came through”


“The quail omelettes were a hit!”


“As someone who worked on planning the event, it was really cool to see that many people take some time out of their undoubtedly busy Sunday to shop for local produce and learn more about Greens to Grounds and other food initiatives at UVA”


“There was no better way I could have spent my birthday- outside enjoying the weather, celebrating local produce, planting sunflower seeds, reading out the winners of the raffle for Morven Kitchen Garden Honey, and getting a personal shout out from Louis Smith!”


The weather forecast says that this Sunday will be another beautiful day of 80 degrees and sunshine so make sure to come enjoy the gorgeous spring weather at this year’s Produce Party!


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