Back to School Survival Tips

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Now that school is in full swing and the constant free food around grounds is dwindling, it’s the perfect time to get serious about staying healthy this school year! After weeks of information session pizza, I for one know I can’t sustain this lifestyle. Looking for easy ways to survive the semester, those of us at Greens to Grounds came up with five steps to a happy, healthy school year (all conveniently supported by your Greens to Grounds snack box).

1. Fill your backpack with easy, healthy snacks.

While some may find it too reminiscent of childhood to snack on carrots and ranch dressing, classics are classics for a reason. Pack some of your Greens to Grounds snack box carrots before taking off for the library and you’ll be thanking yourself later when hunger hits. By having a few healthy things to snack on throughout the day, you can avoid the kind of desperate hunger that leads to overeating during meals.

2. Prepare for always being on the go.

Especially at U.Va., every college student appears to constantly be on the go, running from class to class and meeting to meeting. With no time to sit down or even pause to take a breath, I know I often find myself forgetting the important things like making room to eat healthy. Throw an apple or two in your backpack, and you’re ready to multi-task to a new degree. Not only are our local apples delicious and fresh, but they make being the busy academic star we know you to be all the more easy. Grab an apple and run to your next event, we know you’ve got this!

3. Don’t let the stress stop you from staying sweet.

We all get it, school can get hectic and stressful and three months later we find ourselves jaded and unenthused to learn. Make a resolution this year to stay as jazzed about that Medieval Russian Literature class as you were the first week! Don’t let the workload of the Commerce School crush your passion for business! The same goes for your food, in our mind. Keep yourself sweet with peaches and blackberries from our weekly snack box and stop yourself from getting into a school-induced rut.

4. Keep learning new things.

That’s what school is all about, right? This goes beyond the classroom and all the way to the kitchen! Even though we live in a University bubble, soon we’ll all be functioning adults without food at our disposal with one swipe. Learn how to cook today and start honing in your A+ chef skills that one day may woo your significant other’s parents. This week, look out for our first recipe based off of ingredients available through our produce box. Buy a box and cook with us!

5. Get involved with Greens to Grounds.

With a new year brings new exciting news, most notably that students can now use plus dollars to purchase a box through Greens to Grounds. Since getting involved and joining the healthy movement is easier than ever, there’s no reason not to check out our organization and visit us on Mad Bowl every Friday. Let’s make this the best year yet!

Don’t forget to check out the blog this Friday for a new recipe!


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