Waka Flocka Orders Produce Boxes On The Daily

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Veganism is a growing trend in the rap and hip hop community. Health conscious rappers can be seen everywhere, think Mick Jenkins and his ‘drink more water or you will die’ theme. However, many rappers have dabbled in veganism including Andre 3000 (vegan for 15 years!), Jay-Z, DJ Khaled and Common, to name a few. Even more rappers are vegetarian, including A$AP Rocky who is quoted as saying “You gotta go do research on the way they treat like f***ing chickens, man. Those chickens go through f***ing torture before they’re processed and s**t, have all sorts of f***ing steroids injected in them and everything.”

Rappers are becoming more aware of how their communities are affected by the obesity epidemic as well as the impact that animal agriculture has on the environment.

I personally have noticed an increase in rappers I follow on twitter talking about food origins. While many focus on eating more vegetables, some have even spoken about decreasing meat consumption along with that. These rappers are more new age rappers such as Lil Yachty, Lil Uzi Vert, and Denzel Curry. While some of these rappers experiences with veganism were short-lived, Waka Flocka Flame and Raury are some current vegan rappers who have been able to maintain their lifestyles. These two rappers collaborated together to make a carefree and funny, but informative video about a Vegan Blueberry Muffin recipe for the site ‘Munchies’. While the video is mostly for fun, both artists discuss the positive benefits about veganism.


Several months ago, Waka Flocka participated in a Reddit AMA and answered several questions about his veganism.

> What’s the biggest change you noticed since going vegan? I just physically and mentally feel so much better.

>How many vegan blueberry muffins do you eat in one sitting? How many are in front of me?

> What made you decide to go vegan? Tired of being fat

>Do yo homeboys get on you for being a Vegan ma dawg? Hell naa they all trying to jump on that vegan wave.

It appears that Waka’s main motivation for going vegan was his personal health. He has tweeted numerous times about how much better he feels on a plant based diet and constantly urges his fans to cut out animal products from their diet. Waka went through a dramatic weight loss since going vegan, dropping over 50 pounds. He attributes this weight loss solely on eating a vegan and organic diet. Waka works with Peta for several of their campaigns and was also voted one of the sexiest famous vegetarians 2016! Waka also emphasizes the importance of not supporting large corporations. He tries to eat locally as much as possible, while it might be a form of protest against these large corporations, it is also benefitting the local farmers that produce his food and therefore also stimulating the local economy!


Rapper, Raury, has also made the transition back to veganism. Raury was vegetarian beginning at age 14 because  “[he] didn’t want to die from a heart attack – [he] don’t want to end up like everybody else, and [he] decided to try not eating meat.”  He admits that he fell off of the wagon for several years, however he decided to try veganism again after feeling sluggish on tour and says once going plant based  “[his] eyesight going better, [he] woke up just feeling a lot better. [he] would go to school at 6am, and everything felt lighter, because [his] blood got more fluid, [his]  joints were less clogged up, [he] just felt like a better [version of himself] for some reason.” In an interview with Seedstreet, Raury references the documentary Cowspiracy (http://www.cowspiracy.com or watch for free on Netflix) as helping him understand the environmental destruction caused by animal agriculture. He is quoted as saying


“I feel like in a vegan world, a lot of people would feel better, think clearer, and we would save a lot and gain a lot as far as environment and starvation goes.”  


Health conscious rappers are popping up all over these days. People in the rap and hip hop community are gaining an awareness about community and their own personal health. This community has been associated with unhealthy eating behaviors in the past, but as evident from of above, there has been a steady influx in rap and hip hop artists speaking out about health and the environment. This is very important in terms of making local and fresh produce available to those communities who have not had knowledge or access in the past. Veganism is becoming less of a privileged idealism and turning into a maintainable lifestyle for all socioeconomic classes and all races. Several of the rappers discussed have talked about the difficulties of maintaining these lifestyles in a community that normally looks down upon veganism and vegetarian and that how with knowledge and awareness, their lifestyles are becoming more accepted.

The message from all of these artists is clear- a lifestyle of eating more plants and less animal product is beneficial on both a personal and a global level. Many of the rappers that no longer follow a strict plant based lifestyle still maintain the ideology of eating locally in order to support and stimulate the local economy as well as to have fresher ingredients! I’m sure if any of these artists had access to a program such as greens to grounds, they would advocate strongly for it! It is an easy and affordable way to eat healthy and local during these busy days.

Check out this article by OC Weekly about rappers that rap about eating well and locally.  They would surely love to order a G2G box, and you should too!



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